Arjay Automation Industrial Division

Arjay Automation represents top quality instrumentation suppliers and is committed to becoming your preferred source for industrial automation solutions.  Arjay Automation has extensive experience at solving problems in process control, flowmeter selection, toxic and combustible gas detection, process weighing and analytical measurements in both liquid and gas.

Products include:

      Analytical Measurements

      Annunciaors, Alarm, Monitoring

     Condition & Vibration Monitoring

     Control Valves & Regulators

     Flow Metering Equipment

     Level Measurement

     Pneumatic Devices

     Recorders & Data Aquisition

     Tank Safety Equipment

     Temperature Measurement

     Weight & Force Measurement

     Wireless Communications

                               Arjay Automation Electrical Division

Arjay Automation is very proud to represent these quality suppliers of electrical equipment.  Arjay is committed to becoming your preferred source for transducers, electrical metering, protective relaying and electrical test equipment.

 Products Include:

     Annunciators & Alarming

     Testing Equipment


     Watt Hour Meters



     Harmonics/Power Quality




     Recloser/Circuit Breakers


For a complete list of the companies we represent, please visit our Manufacturers page