The robust and compact 815DT smart differential pressure transmitter from SOR Inc. is designed for applications in hazardous locations and hostile environments where a compact low cost option is preferable to a traditional style transmitter. The 815DT excels where many differential pressure transmitters fail.

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Where a traditional differential pressure transmitter would be too expensive and bulky for an application, the affordabe 815DT can provide continuous measurements with most industry communication protocols. Along with an industry leading 3 year warranty, the 815DT is the perfect solution for reliable measurement in many differential pressure, level and flow applications.



A low cost compact differential pressure transmitter is a great way to measure pressure drops across filters to indicate clogging.


Without proper monitoring, distillation columns can become backed up causing damage to pumps, as well as causing other problems in the separation process. Installing a differential pressure transmitter can show early warning signs of a back-up preventing damage to equipment and minimizing down time.


High vibrations can damage process connections. With a low center of gravity the 815DT is a better solution for high vibration environments.


The 815DT is a low cost alternative to expensive level transmitters. It can provide continuous measurement that can be integrated into a PLC or wired directly to a pump or alarm

FEATURES HART®7 communication protocol with 4-20 mA output

1-5 VDC (low-power) mode of operation output

Modbus RTU (RS-485) serial communications

Configurable normally-open solid state switch output (SPST)

±0.10% (URL) accuracy (continuous output)

316 stainless steel, explosion proof housing

Compact: 2.2 in./55.9 mm face to face dimension

Hermetically sealed leads

Pressure ranges: 0-138 in H2O (0-5 psid) to 0-500 psid

Turndown: 5 to 1

Zero and span magnetic targets located on housing

NEMA 4X, IP66 housing

FM and ATEX in U.S., Canada and Europe

3 year warranty