Delivery times way too long?

Need   to crossover from a Fisher, Foxboro, or Taylor Controller?

Ametek   PMT’s Model 40 Pneumatic Controller can solve your problems once and for   all…

4   week typical production time!

  • 5″ WC to 3000 psi ranges
  • Differential Pressure Controllers
  • Transmitter option
  • P, P+I and PID control modes
  • 3-15,3-27,6-30 and 12-60 psi outputs
  • Auto/manual switch option
  • Modular design and precalibrated elements for quick field changes
  • 50+ years of industry acceptance and installed base
  • Meets EPA Quad Zero requirement of < 6.0 SCFH bleed rate when used on natural gas supply
  • “Go Green” initiative
  • Many other mounting and controller options