Thermal Instrument manufactures a mass flow meter that can accurately and dependably measure the leachate flow at landfill operations.  Thermal Instrument has been measuring liquids with mass flow meter technology for more than 50 years and offer a tested solution for the measurement of leachate flow.

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Leachate is the liquid that naturally drains down through the landfill waste levels collecting any dissolved or suspended materials as it passes through the ground.  It is a naturally occurring event that must be accounted for, captured, and treated as it is a pollutant.  It is the responsibility of the landfill operator to insure that this liquid makes it to a safe holding area prior to being treated and discharged.

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Advantages of using a Thermal Instrument Insertion Probe Flow Meter
  • Rugged Construction  –  316SS with available protective coating
  • Easy Installation  –  3/4″ MNPT Packing Gland
  • Installed Back up Sensors for inherent redundancy
  • Sensors are internal and never come into direct contact with passing fluid
  • Flow and Total Flow Monitored
  • 4-20mA output to data recorders, PLC’s, etc.
  • High Turndown Accuracy  –  100:1
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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