3-A Approved Sanitary In-line Flow Meter Part # 600-9SAN3A

Thermal Instrument Company (TIC), located in Trevose, PA, a manufacturer of Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Flow Switches, offers an approved Flow Meter / Switch for Food & Beverage processes that require the 3-A sanitary certification. The 3-A symbol is accepted by the USDA, FDA, and other regulatory agencies around the world as proof that the equipment meets the sanitary standards necessary for food and beverage processing. Thermal Mass Flow meters offer a versatile solution to manufacturers due to the ability to measure both liquid and gas fluids

TIC manufactures 3-A sanitary flow meters in a variety of sizes and (2) process connections, Tri-Clamp or Tube Ends to allow for easy installation on site. All flow meters and flow switches feature a 15Ra or better unobstructed internal surface finish, that allows for easy cleaning to prevent any sort of contamination in the process. All flow meters and flow switches arrive fully calibrated to your unique fluid, flow range, temperature, and pressure range. Thermal Instrument Flow Meters are available with either an integral, or a variety of remote electronics. They can be configured to measure and totalize the flow rate, output process temperature, or just simply notify an operator when a certain process condition has been met.

The 3-A symbol is recognized by food and beverage processors around the world. An instrument that has been stamped with the 3-A symbol instills confidence that it has passed through extensive 3rd party review and meets the most up to date sanitary standards. All materials of construction meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) allowing for ease of cleaning and drainage to avoid contamination. Our Model # 600-9SAN3A meets 3-A Flow Meter Standard 28-05 and ANSI 3A/00-00-2014 sanitary design standards.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters, by TIC, are excellent options for measuring your food and beverage processes. The benefits include: no moving parts, wide turndowns, an unobstructed flow path, and negligible pressure drop for your application.  For more information contact us at Duncan Co!

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