The SOR 1100 series magnetic level indicator leverages decades of experience building pressure vessels and pairs it with an industry leading indicator design to provide clear and reliable indication of any process liquid.

The 1100 series gauge is a great alternative to traditional sight glasses since the vessel contents are totally contained within the float chamber making it ideal for high pressure systems.  External point level switches or continuous level transmitters can easily be incorporated into the system without breaking the pressure boundary or disturbing any existing piping.

SOR LI_Mag-Lev-Indicator-300x300

 The SOR 1100 series magnetic level indicator can also become the heart of your tank instrumentation by adding other SOR instrumentation such as the 815PT smart pressure transmitter or SOR temperature measurement devices if required.  Applications include, but are not limited to: oil/water separators, flash drums, surge tanks, gas chillers, vacuum tower bottoms, alkylation units, propane vessels and storage tanks.

  • Chambers designed to ANSI/ASME B31.1 and B31.3 guidelines
  • ASME Section IX and AWS qualified welding system
  • Dimensional drawings available at quotation
  • Interface detection ability
  • Quick delivery
  • Dependable operation for years of service

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