One of the critical water and waste water operator’s functions is sludge monitoring.   Sludge monitoring for quality is a key aspect of ensuring compliance with various government agencies.   Basically, the operators monitoring the sludge are measuring the interface between the high solids regions and low solids regions of  a settlement tank, lagoon, clarifier or thickener.  The correct measurements allow for the efficient treatment of the sludge bed.  Not as simple as it sounds since conditions vary greatly in each of these applications.   Operators need an efficient and accurate method to control their sludge levels. Simply, a level solution that can give them up to the minute knowledge of the levels so the operator can control the process to avoid mishaps.


Why the Sultan Sonar?

Hawk Measurement designed the Sultan Sonar specifically for the Water/Waste Water industry.  We developed a powerful low frequency transducer to penetrate through the suspended solids and capable of measuring the sludge bed level at the bottom of a clarifier or the lightest flocculent layer.  Some of the benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and control of the treatment process
  • Fully automated plant systems with reliable sludge blanket level monitoring
  • Advanced warning of biological upset or hydraulic imbalance