The Protectoseal Series No. U1-45 Heat-Actuated Safety Shut-Off Valves are specifically designed for installation in the withdrawal lines of flammable or combustible liquid storage tanks. The valves are normally held in the fully open position by a heat-activated element mechanism. In the event of exposure to an external fire source, the element is activated and the valve is closed securely by an internal spring. The flow of liquid through the withdrawal line is stopped.

protectoseal u1-45

The Protectoseal Heat-Actuated Safety Shut-Off Valve is installed in the withdrawal line of a flammable or combustible liquid storage tank. The tank withdrawal line typically supplies fuel to peripheral support and emergency equipment (generator engines, pump engines, etc.) In normal operation, the valves are held in a fully open position by the element assembly. If the operational temperature of this element is exceeded (for example by the presence of a fire in the vicinity of the withdrawal line) the element is activated and the valve is forced to its closed position. Flammable liquid can no longer flow through the withdrawal line. The chance of flammable liquid from the pipe contributing to the fire is minimized. The valve can easily be reset without removal from the line and the external element can be quickly replaced to return the valve to its open position. The valveā€™s NPT threaded connection facilitates installation. Elements for different activation temperatures are available.

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