TOP-FLO® Plug Valves

TOP-FLO® Plug Valves

With minimal pressure drop Top Line’s 2 and 3-way sanitary plug valves are an excellent choice for low pressure low temperature dairy, beverage and CIP lines.

The valve is COP only (clean-out-of-place) and designed for 25psig at 100°F for use with non-hazardous products.

The valve comes in 304 or 316L stainless steel with an option of two different plug styles – silicone rubber or stainless steel.

Plug valves feature a tapered core assembly held in place with a wing nut and washer on the bottom.  This allows for easy disassembly and cleaning while eliminating crevices which can lead to contamination.  The valve and plug both have matching identification numbers on them so they don’t get mixed with other plug valves.

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