If you are controlling the pressure or the back pressure or even the differential pressure in a system using a control valve the 764P is an excellent choice. It doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles, but it really doesn’t need them. It just does its job very well. The 764P is a proportional controller, meaning that it proportionally puts out what ever pressure it needs to satisfy the requirement to open or close the control valve.  Granted, it doesn’t have a reset but  have you ever used the reset on the controllers you have now?   I doubt it!   Another application for the 764P would be to put it into a system that you have two areas of service. Let’s say that there is an area of the plant that uses the steam, but if the steam pressure in the manifold falls below a certain point you want that area of the plant to shut down so you can maintain the primary section of the plant. You merely install the 764P with the instrument air going through the controller and when the controller senses the pressure falling off it shuts down this section of the plant.


Now the 764T controller has many uses. The most common use is to install it in a steam system that is heating something such as a hot water tank. The controller looks at the temp and proportionally puts out the pressure required to open or to close a steam valve to maintain the pressure in the tank or system. The other application is let’s take a system that could get too hot or too cold and they want to shut down the system if this occurs. You would just install the 764T in the system and connect the instrument air signal to the 764T before it goes to the control valve. If there is a temperature excursion then the 764T would close off shutting down the signal to the control valve until the temperature returns to its operation range. Pretty cool little set up. Below you will see a drawing that shows one of these set ups in a cold liquid gas application, but it works just as well for steam applications that might get too hot!

cashco drawing

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