Application problem

HAWK was recently invited to “put up and show” how our guided wave radar (GCR) could work in a real world environment for Oil & Water interface.  An Oil & Gas Services company located in USA needed accurate measurement of oil level and accurate measurement of the salt water interface in a series of tanks to efficiently separate salt water from oil.

This customer has experienced quality problems and accuracy problems with other manufacturers of Guided Radar devices and they asked us to help.  The problems experienced included inaccurate level readings, high level alarms, signal dropping out, slow response times and constant lack of support.

In addition, this customer was looking for MODBUS communication since this is how they setup their control scheme for the entire Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS).


The challenge was for HAWK to prove our Centurion Guided Radar (GSR) system for level and interface measurement.  In addition, HAWK had to develop a MODBUS version of the CGR since the only option was 2-Wire HART 7 version.

HAWK was able to install a CGR 2-Wire Hart device within 2 weeks to prove the ease of set-up and commissioning and a finished CGR MODBUS version within 6 weeks of the request.  Oil level and Salt Water Level accuracy compared with hand dips done over a 3 day period with very good results and the customer’s reaction was “WOW”.

These units have been installed with no special setup or adjustments needed…just the standard HAWK settings.  The CGR installation had the same mounting as the competitors and the same conditions.

This customer has now ordered more than 40 CGR’s and HAWK has become the standard level/interface device!