Electro-Hydraulic Power  –  Reduces installation costs and eliminates complicated linkage, gearing, reductions or other attached mechanics.    No need for outside source of air or gas pressure.  Explosion Proof Rating:  Type 4 & 7 Meets watertight and hazardous location requirements:  Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D.  Fail Safe Spring Return Operation on power loss.

Sealed Power Unit  –  No maintenance or servicing required.

Two-Wire Control Circuit  –  Safe, Reliable and Simplifies tie-in to other parts of the system.  On power interruption the valve returns by spring force to divert position.

Body:  Ductile Iron

Seat:   Removeable SS

Plug:   Fabricated Acetal Standard

Stem:  Poly Pack

Tight Shutoff  –  achieved utilizing SS seat and soft plug.

Sizing  –  Available in 2”, 3” and 4”

Temperature:  -20oF (-29C) to 150oF (+66C)

Voltage:  120VAC  (50/60Hz)

Includes:   Integral Auxilary Switch (end of power stroke)   Dust shields on Yoke

Duncan Co’s  EHD Series two position divert valve is commonly used in the oil/gas marketplace. Applications include LACT (Lease Automation Custody Transfer) Skids, Tank Switching, and Manifold Piping.  This customizable valve package can be designed specifically for your process applications upon request.

lac1             lac2

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