To: Our Customers
Date: March 23, 2020
Subject: Operational Capacity – Due to COVID-19
Currently the Duncan Company/Arjay Automation is operating with full capability.  We have implemented plans that will allow most of our Customer Service Staff to work onsite or remotely.  We have asked our Outside Sales Reps to work from home.  We have taken steps within our organization to keep our Warehouse (Shipping and Receiving) and Automation Shop fully functioning.
As a components and system distributor servicing the food, energy, chemical, water, material waste industries, and critical manufacturing – we must stay open to ensure the viability of many of the end products our customer’s produce to ensure critical goods will continue being provided. 
It is our intent to stay open as long as Freight Carriers are still delivering and/or the authorities do not shut business down.  The only thing that will limit us is the ability of our Manufactures to provide Products.
We have seen a wide range of impact on our Manufacturing base.  This ranges from completely shut down, to 1-2 week delays, to operating at full capacity.  The more accurately you can define your lead time requirements the more likely we will be able to meet them either thru traditional sources or alternate sources.
Thank You
Joe Klick, Josh Ralph, Bob Finke
Ownership Team