Donaldson Company is one of the leading suppliers of filtration solutions.

Synteq XP Air-Oil Separator Media   –   Donaldson developed a unique, patented coalescing media exclusively for use in premium air-oil separators.  Simply put, this advanced media delivers lower restriction, superior draining, and longer life than the “off the shelf” media types used by most suppliers.  Replacing your current AOS element with a Synteq XP element will result in lower restriction and increased compressor output.

Air Oil Separation   –  Donaldson uses advanced design tools to engineer air-oil separators uniquely for each customer based on your project goals.  Whether you want to minimize separator pressure drop to make your compressor more energy efficient or limit oil carryover to reduce your maintenance cost.

Inlet Air Filtration – Donaldson invented the engine air cleaner and has led the world in air filtration technology.  We are constantly working to deliver new, more efficient, less costly and smaller air cleaner designs.  For the compressor market, we have designs to handle every flow range and environmental challenge.

Lubrication Filtration  –  Donaldson currently uses 35 different grades of media to tailor lube filter designs to your unique oils, contaminants and element life requirements.

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