Making strategic decisions with confidence requires real-time data that you can obtain only through reliable and repeatable representative sampling – and with proven sampling expertise since 1924, Sentry sampling solutions empower customers around the globe to accurately monitor and measure processes for improved production efficiency, output and safety.

Sampling of all types of foods and beverages is needed to ensure quality, safety, and specific attributes. Sentry® sampling solutions are ideal for any food or beverage processing application, including solid, powder, liquid and slurry foods, beverages and pet food.

Food sampling requires samplers with easy-to-clean, sanitary designs and FDA-approved seals. Several Sentry ISOLOK® samplers are conformant to 3-A Sanitary Standards (third-party verified) for dairy, as well as USDA, Canadian Grain, FGIS and NOPA standards.

Just a few examples of the types of solid and powder foods that can be sampled are:

  • cereals
  • seeds
  • grains
  • coffee beans and granules
  • sugar
  • nutraceuticals
  • whey
  • cheese
  • pet food

Some examples of liquids, beverages, pastes and slurries that can be sampled are:

  • any beverage or liquor
  • high viscosity foods and liquids such as peanut butter and cream
  • food grade oils

If you have any application, contact us at Duncan Company and we will help get you the right product for your needs!