Is your clean steam process getting to the temperature you require?  If not, you may be experiencing condensate back-up or air binding.

If this is the case, it would be prudent to ensure that the steam trap is suitable for the application.  Though clean steam thermodynamic steam traps are suitable for drip applications, a balanced pressure thermostatic trap, constructed of 316L, should be used for process applications.  The balanced pressure thermodynamic steam trap should contain a minimum sub cooled element, be installed to allow for full drainage, contain an un-insulated drip leg of no less than 12″* and be fully open when cold.  In the unlikely event that these can’t be met, traps can be provided with a fixed bleed.

*Please note that the length of the drip leg may be able to be adjusted depending on the load.  The length of the drip leg in light load applications may be shortened, provided that appropriate calculations are made.