Back pressure regulators on pump sets! A lot of the time we overlook the pump set applications. Most pump sets have a back pressure regulator to maintain the head pressure on a pump system. Cashco has almost every size from the model CA-1 regulator up to the DA-5 regulator. Some customers look at using control valves because of high flow out of some of these pumps but with the capacity of the DA-5 regulator (up to 198 Cv on the 4” unit) they could be using our regulator instead of a cumbersome control valve. Cashco can even do dome loaded back pressure regulators which result is precise pressure control of the head pressure over a wide range of flows.

cashco regulator group

The way it works is you install the regulator on the outlet of the pump and when the set pressure is reached, it opens and allows the excess flow to recirculate back to the suction side of the pump or into the reservoir.   As the demand on the process increases and decreases, the regulator opens and closes to maintain constant pressure control. Yes the same thing can be achieved with a variable speed pump system but variable speed pumps use a lot more electricity and some of your customers prefer to do it the old school way.

There are a lot of back pressure regulators used on pump sets, let Duncan Company help you with your application!