With our combination of quality products from the top manufacturers’ and our excellent service provided by well trained sales team, we offer solutions at the lowest overall cost to our customers.


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Technical Support

We are dedicated to providing factory trained office and field personnel to ensure that your process systems delivery optimum results. We deliver solutions that are customized to your circumstances.

  • Analyze existing flow control applications; make improvement recommendations.
  • Company and vendor-sponsored training at your site, or ours.
  • Develop procurement solutions that fit your plant and budget.
  • Assistance with product selection and sizing.

Valve Actuation

Our factory trained staff will provide a solution to your valve automation requirements. Our large inventory, technical expertise and experience combine to provide you with the right solution at the right price.

  • On/Off valves and controls in stock 1/4″ – 12″
  • Pneumatic or electronic valve positioners
  • Wide selection of actuators: piston, spring return, spring diaphragm, electric, rack & pinion, vane.
  • Extensive selection of actuator accessories to customize an actuation solution: solenoid valve, limit switches, I/P converter, position feedback.
  • Custom brackets to retrofit actuators to existing valves.
  • Control Valve sizing and documentation
  • Stringent quality control procedures

Customized Ordering & Processing

  • Bar Coding
  • Customized Part Numbers
  • Electronic Data Interchange

  • Flexible Shipping
  • Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Flexible Invoicing
  • Credit Card Charging

Customized Inventory Management

  • Dedicated Inventory/Safety Stock
  • Pricing Protection
  • Customized Reporting