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Kelair Inlet Vane Dampers available at Duncan Co

Inlet vane dampers are used for applications that require a reduction of expanded power and wear on heavy duty fans. Our inlet vanes pre-spin the air in the direction the fan blades are moving thus reducing energy consumption by the fan motors. Kelair’s unique central gearbox eliminates the damage prone external linkage of traditional inlet vane designs. Kelair offers dampers that are built specifically for each order and typically ship within 3-4 weeks depending on the actuator lead times.

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Kelair Products is acquired by Matot Inc.

Matot, Inc., a leading supplier of material lift equipment to the elevator industry has acquired Kelair Products, Inc., an industrial damper company specializing in the custom design and fabrication of dampers for over 30 years.  Matot is a 128 year old company, and like Kelair, is a family-owned business, with similar philosophies and values, as well as manufacturing processes.

“We have lots in common in both our history and way of doing business” said Anne Matot, owner of Matot Inc.  “Our goal is to broaden our manufacturing base and provide excellent products and service to all customers.  We intend to continue to bring Kelair customers an unparalleled level of response to their needs.”

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Manufacturing will continue at the current Kelair location for at least the next year, before being transferred to Matot, Inc located in Bellwood, IL.