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Do you have a Critical Application? If so, Duncan Co can help you!

Here is another automated valve system we recently had out in our automation shop, this was for a Hot Chemical application using a Triple OffSet valve with pneumatic actuator, positioner & solenoid valve.   With our experienced staff, Duncan Company can assist you with sizing, selection for any application you may have!

tricentric-rcel-westlock-asco LR

Chemical applications – Duncan can help you with your valve applications


This valve is targeted for Chemical applications where you require “Flow Control”.  The above picture is of an Amri Teflon Seated Butterfly valve with a Jamesbury pneumatic actuator, Westlock Limit Switch and Asco Solenoid valve.  Here at Duncan company we also label our automated valves with a Serial Number so in the future if you ever need a replacement, have a problem, you can simply reference this serial number and we will know exactly what you need for replacement!

For more information on the above valve or if you have an application you need help with, please contact us!

Slurry Control – Duncan Co Automation

EVR Pinch Valve with Rotork IQ12 Actuator

EVR Pinch Valve with Rotork IQ12 Actuator

One of our latest applications for Slurry Control at a Northern Minnesota Mining location.  EVR Series 1200 Pinch Valve with a Rotork IQ12 Actuator & Gear Box.

If you have an application that you need help with, contact us at Duncan Company.

What’s new at Duncan?

We have some exciting new product offerings, as you browse our website, please take note of these new additions of Industrial Hose products, Expansion Joints, Thermal Instrument’s Meters, Sentry Samplers, Tricentric Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, DynaFlo Control Valves & Hawk Measurement.

2015 PRODUCT CARD rev a

Sludge Monitoring in Water/Waste Water

One of the critical water and waste water operator’s functions is sludge monitoring.   Sludge monitoring for quality is a key aspect of ensuring compliance with various government agencies.   Basically, the operators monitoring the sludge are measuring the interface between the high solids regions and low solids regions of  a settlement tank, lagoon, clarifier or thickener.  The correct measurements allow for the efficient treatment of the sludge bed.  Not as simple as it sounds since conditions vary greatly in each of these applications.   Operators need an efficient and accurate method to control their sludge levels. Simply, a level solution that can give them up to the minute knowledge of the levels so the operator can control the process to avoid mishaps.


Why the Sultan Sonar?

Hawk Measurement designed the Sultan Sonar specifically for the Water/Waste Water industry.  We developed a powerful low frequency transducer to penetrate through the suspended solids and capable of measuring the sludge bed level at the bottom of a clarifier or the lightest flocculent layer.  Some of the benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and control of the treatment process
  • Fully automated plant systems with reliable sludge blanket level monitoring
  • Advanced warning of biological upset or hydraulic imbalance

Introducing Reflective and Glow-in-the-dark Dial Faces, as well as Anti-Glare and Magnifying Window Options

In an effort to improve safety and productivity, WIKA Instrument, LP (WIKA) has introduced two dial face options that make it easier for users to obtain vital instrument readings even in low-light situations.

“Misreading a pressure gauge or a thermometer because it is in a low-light environment could lead to unplanned downtime or safety hazards,” said WIKA Product Manager Hardy Orzikowski.

wika easy read dial

WIKA offers the following options, both with easy-to-read, large numerals:


The InSight option includes a highly reflective material affixed to a gauge dial face. The material’s reflective property allows it to redirect available light to intensify the brightness of the dial display, helping users get accurate readings in limited lighting. This easy-to-view option is available in three colors (white, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent orange), in sizes 2 ½” to 6″ for industrial and process type gauges (SS wetted parts), and on bimetal thermometers for both dry and liquid filled.

InSight Glow™

The Glow option makes use of a reflective, photo luminescent material. When charged by normal lighting (or even a flashlight), the entire front of the instrument dial illuminates in darkness, fog, smoke, and fire. This advanced technology enables a dial to glow for an extended amount of time after only 10 seconds of light exposure. The InSight Glow is also available on industrial and process type gauges (SS wetted parts) and bimetal thermometers for both dry and liquid-filled case options, in sizes from 2 ½” to 6″ in diameter.

WIKA has also developed additional options to enhance the readability of a dial face. Customers can select a magnifying window to make it possible for workers to read instruments from a distance. Also available is an anti-glare window that eliminates unwanted reflection of light from the sun or strong, internal lighting.

Solid Front Pressure Gauges Save Lives and Contribute to Process Safety

Workplace safety is the number one concern at any job, but especially so at a refinery or chemical plant where dangerous chemicals and hot steam are stored under pressure. These plants have lengthy safety protocols including constant system monitoring and the wearing of various types of personal protective equipment (PPE). The equipment used at process plants is also designed with a number of safety features including automatic alarms, pressure relief valves, and solid front safety gauges.

For the complete article, please visit:

815DT Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

The robust and compact 815DT smart differential pressure transmitter from SOR Inc. is designed for applications in hazardous locations and hostile environments where a compact low cost option is preferable to a traditional style transmitter. The 815DT excels where many differential pressure transmitters fail.

For more information on the SOR 815DT, contact us at Duncan Co.


Where a traditional differential pressure transmitter would be too expensive and bulky for an application, the affordabe 815DT can provide continuous measurements with most industry communication protocols. Along with an industry leading 3 year warranty, the 815DT is the perfect solution for reliable measurement in many differential pressure, level and flow applications.



A low cost compact differential pressure transmitter is a great way to measure pressure drops across filters to indicate clogging.


Without proper monitoring, distillation columns can become backed up causing damage to pumps, as well as causing other problems in the separation process. Installing a differential pressure transmitter can show early warning signs of a back-up preventing damage to equipment and minimizing down time.


High vibrations can damage process connections. With a low center of gravity the 815DT is a better solution for high vibration environments.


The 815DT is a low cost alternative to expensive level transmitters. It can provide continuous measurement that can be integrated into a PLC or wired directly to a pump or alarm

FEATURES HART®7 communication protocol with 4-20 mA output

1-5 VDC (low-power) mode of operation output

Modbus RTU (RS-485) serial communications

Configurable normally-open solid state switch output (SPST)

±0.10% (URL) accuracy (continuous output)

316 stainless steel, explosion proof housing

Compact: 2.2 in./55.9 mm face to face dimension

Hermetically sealed leads

Pressure ranges: 0-138 in H2O (0-5 psid) to 0-500 psid

Turndown: 5 to 1

Zero and span magnetic targets located on housing

NEMA 4X, IP66 housing

FM and ATEX in U.S., Canada and Europe

3 year warranty



Duncan Company now represents Sentry® Equipment Corp

The History of Sentry® Equipment Corp

Sentry began in 1924 as The Henszey Company, a primary supplier to The Carnation Company who was in need of dairy/power plant components and milk evaporators. In 1959, The Henszey Company changed its name to Sentry Equipment Corp where it restructured and focused its efforts toward sampling products and specialty heat exchangers for the power generation industry. This effort not only led to expansion in other industries, but was also key to engineering and manufacturing complete systems used to sample steam and continually monitor water pH; two very important elements necessary to generating power.

For applications on Steam/Water Sampling, Liquid Samplers, Bulk Solids & Powder Samplers, Gas Samplers, Slurry Samplers, Specialty Heat Exchangers and Sample Coolers contact us at 1-800-677-1776.

Let’s talk about Cashco 764P & 764T Controllers

If you are controlling the pressure or the back pressure or even the differential pressure in a system using a control valve the 764P is an excellent choice. It doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles, but it really doesn’t need them. It just does its job very well. The 764P is a proportional controller, meaning that it proportionally puts out what ever pressure it needs to satisfy the requirement to open or close the control valve.  Granted, it doesn’t have a reset but  have you ever used the reset on the controllers you have now?   I doubt it!   Another application for the 764P would be to put it into a system that you have two areas of service. Let’s say that there is an area of the plant that uses the steam, but if the steam pressure in the manifold falls below a certain point you want that area of the plant to shut down so you can maintain the primary section of the plant. You merely install the 764P with the instrument air going through the controller and when the controller senses the pressure falling off it shuts down this section of the plant.


Now the 764T controller has many uses. The most common use is to install it in a steam system that is heating something such as a hot water tank. The controller looks at the temp and proportionally puts out the pressure required to open or to close a steam valve to maintain the pressure in the tank or system. The other application is let’s take a system that could get too hot or too cold and they want to shut down the system if this occurs. You would just install the 764T in the system and connect the instrument air signal to the 764T before it goes to the control valve. If there is a temperature excursion then the 764T would close off shutting down the signal to the control valve until the temperature returns to its operation range. Pretty cool little set up. Below you will see a drawing that shows one of these set ups in a cold liquid gas application, but it works just as well for steam applications that might get too hot!

cashco drawing

If you have an application you need help with designing, let our experienced staff help you solve your application needs.  For more information give us a call at 1-800-677-1776!

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