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Top Line is one of the biggest suppliers of Specialty & Sanitary Fittings

Top Line precision crafted clamp or weld lateral & true wyes and line splitters provide fast, sanitary, secure connections.  These precision crafted sanitary wyes and line splitters come standard with a 32Ra ID/OD finish.  They can be used to change flow direction in many applications for the food, beverage and dairy industries.  They are made to customer requirements and are available in a wide variety of sanitary finishes.

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Top Line’s capabilities include:  AutoCAD design, extensive machining services, automatic and semi-automatic welders, and 100% material inspection.
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Donaldson Co. jumps into Beverage Filtration with LifeTec

It took the Donaldson Co. two years, 40 scientists and millions to build a better mouse trap  –  or a microbe trap, to be exact  —  for the beverage and yogurt manufacturers.

Donaldson, the filtration giant, known for devices that purify air, steam and gases inside factories, recently threw it’s filtration expertise into the world of consumable liquids for the first time.

The result is LifeTec, an ultrafiltration cartridge that captures microbes, bacteria and particles from beverages.  Officials cut the ribbon on a new manufacturing plant in Haan, Germany, earlier this month that will make the product and said it could result in big changes in the market.

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LifeTec liquid filters capture dust, bacteria and the cryptosporidium and giardia parasites that could sicken humans and cripple most food makers if the microscopic pests accidentally squirmed into a product.  The LifeTec cartridge is designed for firms that must filter and sterilize water and other liquids to make mineral water, soda, cheese, yogurt, wine, beer and other beverage products.

LifeTec comes in various lengths starting at 10 inches and surpassing 40 inches.  Each cartridge should last one to three months before needing changing, depending on beverage-factory conditions.  While officially launched this month during the plant opening in Germany, LifeTec soon faces a whirlwind of global introductions at trade fairs, including the world’s largest industrial trade show, the Hannover Fair in Germany.

In the U.S., LifeTec will make its debut at the Northwest Food and Beverage Manufacturers Expo in Oregon in January and the Process Expo in Chicago in September 2017.

Thermal Mass Flow Measurement an Effective Solution for Liquid Leachate

Thermal Instrument manufactures a mass flow meter that can accurately and dependably measure the leachate flow at landfill operations.  Thermal Instrument has been measuring liquids with mass flow meter technology for more than 50 years and offer a tested solution for the measurement of leachate flow.

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Leachate is the liquid that naturally drains down through the landfill waste levels collecting any dissolved or suspended materials as it passes through the ground.  It is a naturally occurring event that must be accounted for, captured, and treated as it is a pollutant.  It is the responsibility of the landfill operator to insure that this liquid makes it to a safe holding area prior to being treated and discharged.

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Advantages of using a Thermal Instrument Insertion Probe Flow Meter
  • Rugged Construction  –  316SS with available protective coating
  • Easy Installation  –  3/4″ MNPT Packing Gland
  • Installed Back up Sensors for inherent redundancy
  • Sensors are internal and never come into direct contact with passing fluid
  • Flow and Total Flow Monitored
  • 4-20mA output to data recorders, PLC’s, etc.
  • High Turndown Accuracy  –  100:1
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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Level Gauges that meet Compact Skid Design Requirements

Building a specialized skid with all the necessary equipment and measuring instruments required thoughtful, compact design.  Skids often have to fit in very limited space in a processing facility, meaning you have to fit in as much function as possible in the allotted space.

Level gauges with an inverted designed offer space-saving features.  In fact, Wika has helped a number of OEM skid builders come up with new space-saving skid designs that leverage this type of level gauge, which is fitted with multivariable transmitters and alarm switches that send process data.


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Thermal Mass Flow Meters Measuring Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon Dioxide is generally not produced, rather is derived as a by-product from other processes such as the manufacturing of ammonia, fertilizers, power generation and other naturally occurring events.  The gas is then captured, cleaned, and bottled to be used in a wide variety of industrial processes.  These processes require measurement and that measurement can be performed by a Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Meter.

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The use of Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) and then how it is captured in industrial applications has been scrutinized over these past few years, with all the discussion of greenhouse gases.  Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Meters have been used to measure the CO2 that is being used, and then re-captured in order to minimize GHG’s being released to the atmosphere.
Thermal Instruments Model #600-9 has a variety of process connections and the ability to be placed in line sizes as small as 1/4″, has been reliable measurement instrument for our customers that are managing their C02 usage.  The in-line unit has negligible pressure drop (application dependent), high repeatability, and the accuracy needed to manage this process for many years.  Our mass flow meters have been utilized in beverage manufacturing, power generation, and other manufacturing operations to name a few.
The Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Meter is available in standard 316 Stainless Steel for your industrial applications, and in a Sanitary (Model #600-9SAN) design that meets the requirements of Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical manufacturers if necessary.
Common Carbon Dioxide applications for our mass flow meter are:
  • Measuring the CO2 by-product at coal fired power plants for recovery, or to be sold as an additional product
  • Measuring CO2 in the carbonization and bottling process in the beverage industry
  • Food Processing for freezing or chilling, and packaging operations
  • Injecting CO2 into the ground during hydraulic fracturing near or at the site of oil wells to draw out every last trace of crude oil
  • As a raw material in the chemical industry
  • Used to enhance algae production for nutritional and health sciences
  • Cleaning the circuitry during the semiconductor manufacturing process removing impurities in place of chemical solvents



Sanitary Plug Valves for Low Temp Dairy, Beverage & CIP Lines

TOP-FLO® Plug Valves
TOP-FLO® Plug Valves

With minimal pressure drop Top Line’s 2 and 3-way sanitary plug valves are an excellent choice for low pressure low temperature dairy, beverage and CIP lines.

The valve is COP only (clean-out-of-place) and designed for 25psig at 100°F for use with non-hazardous products.

The valve comes in 304 or 316L stainless steel with an option of two different plug styles – silicone rubber or stainless steel.

Plug valves feature a tapered core assembly held in place with a wing nut and washer on the bottom.  This allows for easy disassembly and cleaning while eliminating crevices which can lead to contamination.  The valve and plug both have matching identification numbers on them so they don’t get mixed with other plug valves.

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PTFE Seated Butterfly Valves for Food Processing, Chemical & Sanitary Applications

Duncan Company can provide you with the right valve for your application.  With the 4th of July next Monday, here is our “Patriotic Valve Assembly”, a Mirror Polished Actuated Wafer Butterfly valve, complete with a pneumatic actuator, solenoid valve & limit switch.   Send us your application requirements and we will find you the right valve to meet your needs!



Happy 4th of July!  Let us celebrate the freedom to live the way we want, to work and earn money the best we can.  These freedoms have inspired people from all over the world to come to this country and become Americans!

Clean Steam Key Filtration Requirements

Steam is often injected into food products or used to clean and sterilize equipment.  In these instances, the steam is required to be Culinary Steam.  The 3-A organization defines clean steam (culinary grade steam) as….steam that is free of entrained contaminants, is relatively free of water in liquid form and is suitable for use in direct contact with food products, other comestibles, or product contact surfaces.  3-A has put forth Accepted Practice 609-03 for the production of culinary grad steam which ensures both producers and consumers are protected by safe, clean and consistent quality steam.


  • Guideline:  3-A required the use of safe boiler feed water.  Feed water consists of both returned condensate and fresh make-up water, and should be filtered.  Any contaminant in the feed water can be introduced into the steam distribution system.  This includes pipe scale, sludge and debris from mechanical devices, as well as organic matter, sediment, and other suspended solids.  Clean water produces clean steam and helps maintain high boiler efficiency.
  • Solution:  Donaldson P-FG liquid filter housings and P-GSL N filter elements are designed to handle the high temperatures and solids loads associated with feed water filtration.


  • Guideline:  3-A requires the use of an entrainment separator upstream of the culinary steam filter.
  • Solution:  The Donaldson P-EG housing and P-GS 25 micron filter element will separate the condensate from the steam, and lengthen the service life of the culinary filter.  This pre-filter removes larger contaminant, ensuring that the culinary steam filter doesn’t clog prematurely.


  • Guideline:  According to 3-A, a culinary steam element must be 95% efficient at 2 microns and larger.
  • Solution:  Donaldson’s 5 micron P-GS and P-GSL N elements meet this standard.


  • Guideline:  3-A provides guidelines for equipment fabrication.  Filter housings must be designed out of 300 series stainless steel and readily accessible for cleaning and inspection.  The housing should be sanitary in design with blended welds, high polish surface finish, and ease of assembly/disassembly for cleaning and inspection.
  • Solution:  Donaldson’s PG-EG housing is designed in accordance with and certified by 3-A as a sanitary filter housing.


  • Guideline:  3-A requires that the installation has a method of measuring the pressure drop across the filter element and housing.
  • Solution:  In order to know when to change the filter element, there should be pressure gauges installed upstream and downstream of the P-GS steam filter element.  The gauges monitor the process conditions, system faults, and disruptions.  As the filter element loads with contaminant, the differential pressure will increase.  Donaldson steam filters can be cleaned and regenerated using an ultrasonic bath up to six times within a year.

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Electrically Actuated Control Valves with Duncan Company

Duncan Company can provide you with solutions.  We recently put these Electrically Actuated Control Valves using Dyna-Flo control valve assembled to a Rotork Electric Actuator.  These have Options for Super Capacitors for Fail Position, Explosion Proof Class 1 Div 1, Modulating On/Off and Local Controls.  These can be used in Oil Fields, Utilities and Industrial Process type of applications.

DynaFlo/Rotork Electrically Actuated Control Valves
DynaFlo/Rotork Electrically Actuated Control Valves

Automation Advantages with Duncan

  • Factory Certified Automation Technicians
  • Valve Automation Certificate
  • Serial number for Assembly
  • Cycle and Function Test
  • Free Engineering support

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Duncan is now a Distributor for Donaldson Company

Founded in 1915, the Donaldson Company, Inc. has provided filtration solutions worldwide.
DONALDSON PG_EGDonaldson dfcolor
Our “Compressed Air & Process Filtration” product has filtration solutions for air/technical gases, liquids and steam in your manufacturing plant. We specialize in the food and beverage industry where Safe Quality Food (SQF), Global Standard Food Safety(BRC), and 3-A culinary steam requirements are exceptionally high. Donaldson Filtration offers a selection of filters that enable you to reach the maximum purity standards required by your process.  Let Duncan Company help you with your next application – Think Purity – Think Donaldson……then Think Duncan!