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3-Way Mixing Electric Actuated Ball Valve with Sharpe/VSI available at Duncanco

1.5″ 3-way 150# Flanged Full Port Ball Valve with 120V Electric Actuator was built for a 3-way mixing application.  Our customer wanted control with reliability, the switches are for full open/closed signal.


  • Full Port Design, bodies rated to 600CWP
  • Valve designed for many applications involving diverting or mixing
  • Valve available in Threaded, Socket Weld & 150# Flanged
  • Traceability on Body & End piece castings (CMTR)
  • Control Module:  Direct Digital control input 4-20mA or 1-20VDC from controller
  • Housing:  Nema 4, watertight, corrosion-resistant, powder coated, rubust aluminum die cast
  • Position Indicator:  Mechanical dome type with visible red/yellow close/open indicator
  • Ambient Temp Range:  -31°F to 150°F
  • Certification and Approvals:  CE, NEMA4, NRTL, CSA File 226201

New Hayward TBH Series Ball Valve available at Duncanco

Typical Applications but not limited to, municipal water and water treatment, clean water technology, chemical transfer and processing, aquatic and animal life support systems, mining and mineral processing, metal plating/surface finishing, marine, pulp and paper, landfills/environmental infrastructure and other demanding applications.

Natural Gas Processing Solutions with Cascho Control Valves & Regulators

Model HP-1+6+S — most commonly applied to develop a constant differential pressure across a rotating shaft seal to provide proper sealing and lubricating conditions over varying pressure ranges.  *For gaseous and non-flashing, non-cavitating liquid services.

Ranger QCT  —  is a universal control valve that is applicable in most control valve applications, especially steam.  It provides longer life on difficult services where conventional ball or globe control valves have problems with body or trim wear.  It provides noise control for gaseous service, and cavitation and flashing control for liquid service.  It is able to withstand temporary distortions due to “thermal shock” without compromising continued control of the process.

Model 2296  —  is capable of handling air, gases, oils, water, oxygen, steam and many corrosive process fluids.  With optional construction it is suitable for cryogenic service.


Donaldson can provide Compressor Filtration Solutions

Donaldson Company is one of the leading suppliers of filtration solutions.

Synteq XP Air-Oil Separator Media   –   Donaldson developed a unique, patented coalescing media exclusively for use in premium air-oil separators.  Simply put, this advanced media delivers lower restriction, superior draining, and longer life than the “off the shelf” media types used by most suppliers.  Replacing your current AOS element with a Synteq XP element will result in lower restriction and increased compressor output.

Air Oil Separation   –  Donaldson uses advanced design tools to engineer air-oil separators uniquely for each customer based on your project goals.  Whether you want to minimize separator pressure drop to make your compressor more energy efficient or limit oil carryover to reduce your maintenance cost.

Inlet Air Filtration – Donaldson invented the engine air cleaner and has led the world in air filtration technology.  We are constantly working to deliver new, more efficient, less costly and smaller air cleaner designs.  For the compressor market, we have designs to handle every flow range and environmental challenge.

Lubrication Filtration  –  Donaldson currently uses 35 different grades of media to tailor lube filter designs to your unique oils, contaminants and element life requirements.

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V-Ball Control Valve Packages

YTC Positioners lead the way in tough applications.

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Process industries often depend on high performance valve actuation in harsh environments.  Despite the difficult surroundings, process plants demand the latest technology, such as smart positioners, which allow technicians to use auto-calibration and simple diagnostics to commission and monitor their entire system at the push of a button.  In many cases, the valve, actuator and smart positioner package is exposed to extreme temperatures, dirty conditions and other challenges such as high vibration.

For an overview on how the YTC Smart Positioners click here

What to know about Drip Pots and Corrosion Monitoring

Internal metal corrosion in hazardous liquid, gas transmission and gas-gathering applications is inevitable and continues to cause leaks and catastrophic failures.  Due to the fact that internal corrosion is time dependent, the number of incidents could be increasing due to aging pipeline infrastructure.  Such disasters can damage the environment and cause costly downtime and waste in pipeline productivity, in addition to astronomical cleanup costs.

For the complete article please click here

Jamesbury 7150/9150 Ball Valve Upgrade – Model C

Jamesbury’s new Model C upgrade to their 3″ – 6″ 7150/7300/730S + 8″ 7150 and 2″ – 4″ 9150/9300 + 6″ 9150 will be hitting the shelves at Duncan soon!

What are the benefits of the Model C upgrade?   The Model C will provide an ISO-5211 bonnet mounting, compliance to API-608, live-loaded stem packing, API-607 7th ed.,  and static grounding all as Standard Features

Will this change require new Linkage Kits?  Yes, the bonnet change will require new kits.

What about handles?   The handles will now be sold separately as a kit with a bracket and hardware.  The bracket has a locking feature, so locking devices are no longer needed!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Duncan Company, your Authorized Jamesbury Distributor in the upper Midwest!

ASCO & Numatics help Customer’s Maximize Efficiencies & Optimize Applications

ASCO’s fluid automation product lines include a wide variety of solenoid valves, angle body piston valves, pneumatic valves and manifolds, cylinders, filters, regulators, lubricators and a complete range of accessories.  ASCO has developed engineered solutions that set the standards for a broad range of markets and applications, continually identifying opportunities for Customers to realize their true potential.

Where flow control meets pneumatics to create fluid automation.  Contact us at Duncan Company for help with your applications!