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Kelair Inlet Vane Dampers available at Duncan Co

Inlet vane dampers are used for applications that require a reduction of expanded power and wear on heavy duty fans. Our inlet vanes pre-spin the air in the direction the fan blades are moving thus reducing energy consumption by the fan motors. Kelair’s unique central gearbox eliminates the damage prone external linkage of traditional inlet vane designs. Kelair offers dampers that are built specifically for each order and typically ship within 3-4 weeks depending on the actuator lead times.

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Thermal Instruments new Flow Switch Model FS16

Thermal Instruments newest addition to their product line is the FS16 Flow Switch that will provide flow monitoring, multiple alarm set points, and a 4-20mA temperature output all in one instrument. The FS16 is very adaptable, as itis available for both liquid and gas applications, msall line sizes, to large piping applications. Excellent applications to apply the FS16 would be pump protection, valve monitoring, cooling water and heat exchangers.

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Product integrity is one of the great benefits to use VCI Tank Blanketing. It also helps prevent internal tank corrosion by keeping oxygen out of your storage tanks.

VCI – Valve Components Inc – Duncan Company

VCI – Valve Components Inc safety products are now available at Duncan Co.

Products include Tank Safety Equipment: Tank Pressure & Vacuum Vents, Deflagration Arrestors, Detonation Arrestors, Emergency Vents, Gauge Hatches, Tank Blanketing Valves & Thermal Trip Valves.

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Sharktooth Valves- Duncan Co

Duncan Company now represents Yeary Controls in Minnesota, North Dakota, Eastern South Dakota & Wisconsin. Yeary Controls specializes in the development, integration, and application of innovative valve technologies. Yeary has focused on valve solutions for the energy and process industries for over 40 years. They offer a range of control valves and accessories in sizes form 1/2″ up to 48″.

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